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Anne Carson and the looking glass of Twitter

Anne Carson, who will be visiting to speak on campus on Wednesday and Thursday this week, is a Canadian poet, translator and professor. Her writing often includes literary allusions, especially from ancient Greek and Latin works. Seeing posters for her “History of Skywriting” talk all around campus, I didn’t think I had ever heard of her before. Without realizing it, however, I had been encountering her work for months — on Twitter.

‘The Rabbit Hutch’: ND alumna Tess Gunty’s celebrated novel

"The Rabbit Hutch" reveals the soul of a post-industrial Midwestern town through it's polyphonic narratives but is not a story with a definitive resolution. Particularly with Blandine’s arc, there is a tantalizing cliffhanger that I was wondering about for nearly half of the book that was ultimately left up to interpretation. However, to read “The Rabbit Hutch” is not to interrogate the relevance of each chapter but to savor its poetic prose and marinate in Tess Gunty’s intriguing ideas about Catholicism, effective altruism, orphanhood and the extraction economy.